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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

50 Things to Love About Anchorage, AK

50 Things to Love About Anchorage

  1. Walking the Markets
  2. Potter Marsh boardwalk
  3. Getting a Good Spot to Watch the Fireworks
  4. Sportsmens Show and the Boast Show, I mean Boat Show
  5. Arriving home Northbound by the Potter Marsh
  6. Anchorage's glow while driving home Southbound
  7. Ice Skating Outside
  8. Our awesome trail system
  9. Garage Sale
  10. Finding Awesome Trick or Treating Neighborhoods
  11. Seeing Halloween costumes over snow gear
  12. Trick or treating inside!
  13. The Native Arts & Craft Sales
  14. Freezing Your Butt Off at Fur Rondy
  15. Summer Flower Displays
  16. Ravens playing in the updrafts of tall buildings
  17. Walking around Ship Creek
  18. Ice and snow sculptures
  19. Urban moose and bears
  20. Bohemian Waxwings in January
  21. Busy events at the Park Strip
  22. When the Northern Lights are bright enough to be seen in town
  23. JBER Airshows
  24. City of Lights
  25. Happy shoppers during Dividend Season
  26. Black Friday (Thursday now?) shoppers freezing their butts off
  27. Seeing young people dressed too cool for warmth
  28. Spending the day at Point Woronzof
  29. Dog Parks
  30. Welcoming new start-ups and small businesses
  31. Roadside Baleen, Seafood and Hotrods
  32. The Giant Snowman, not this year tho :(
  33. Carving meltwater rivers out of the snow in spring
  34. Winter's brightness (Sunlight reflecting off new snow)
  35. The Spring and Fall Changing of the Guard: Seagulls vs. Ravens
  36. The Latest and Greatest: New Lower 48 Restaurants and Stores
  37. Hoar and Fern Frost
  38. Seeing the bull moose at Powerline Pass
  39. Taking the kids fishing on Jewel Lake
  40. Berry picking up on the hillside
  41. Watching the bore tide
  42. People watching at the Walmarts and Malls
  43. Making up our own driving lanes
  44. Ice skating in the streets in December
  45. Finding random street art
  46. Drinking our own water after a trip to somewhere else
  47. Dipnetting for hooligans in the spring
  48. Celebrating Marmot Day instead of Groundhogs Day
  49. All the festivals - film, folk music, beer, crafts, and more
  50. It's just 5 minutes away from Alaska!

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