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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anchorage, AK Pizza Guide

Anchorage Pizza Guide

Whether you prefer New York style pizza or Chicago style pizza, here are all the local Anchorage pizzerias I could find online. This is an important resource to have if you are new to Anchorage! There are links to their websites and other social links if available. I have also included some fun pizza links as well as Pinterest boards for pizza lovers.

Pizza - Photo by Dominik Schwind

Local Pizzerias in Anchorage, AK

88th Street Pizza - 344-0080
One Anchorage location, on, you guessed it, 88th Street. A subsidiary of Little Italy Restaurante. Take out, delivery, and catering.

Take out, catering, or delivery pizza place on Boniface.
pizza_052 - Photo by rob_rob2001

Bamboo Pulahu 748-5964
A pizza and Hawaiian food place on Spenard.

Capone's Pizza - 339-7970
A pizza place on Boniface.

One Anchorage location. Carry out or delivery.

Wood fired pizza restaurant in Downtown Anchorage. One location – dine in only - Online reservations available.

An Italian restaurant in Spenard that also serves pizza. Dine in, delivery and catering.

O'Malley 561-2337 Tikahnu 332-2337
Two Anchorage locations. Brick oven pizzas. Dine in or carry out.

Pizza and pool table place in Downtown Anchorage. Serves classic, deep dish, and gourmet pizzas. Offers pool and pizza parties for groups as well.

Fletcher's - 276-6000
A restaurant located in the Captain Cook hotel that also serves pizza. Dine in only.

Restaurant located on Int'l Airport Road near the airport. Dine in, take out or delivery. Online ordering available.

Fly In Restaurant - 333-3331
Restaurant near the airport that also serves pizzas. Delivery available.

This downtown Anchorage restaurant also offers brick oven fired pizzas. Dine in only. Online reservations available.

Lake Otis 349-3733 DeBarr 337-3733 Jewel Lake 248-3733 No. Lts. 274-3733 Muldoon 333-3733 Huffman 770-3733 Eagle River 694-3733
Local Alaskan pizza franchise. Six Anchorage locations and one in Eagle River. Five other locations across Alaska. Carry out, catering, and delivery.

One Anchorage location with seating for large groups. Dine in, pick up and delivery.

Jamico's Pizzaria - 277-5815
Take out, dine in, and delivery pizza in Mountain View.

Hard Times Pizza - Photo by The Pizza Review
Jewel Lake Pizza – 243-1175
One Anchorage location. Pizza, Asian food, and tea garden. Dine in, carry out or delivery.

Lalo's Pizza - 375-9723
Take out pizza place on Dowling and Lake Otis.

Luigi's Pizza - 562-1920
A take out or delivery pizza place on Arctic.

Milano's Pizzeria – 569-6000
One Anchorage location. Pick Up or Delivery.

Monster Pizza - 561-9999
One Anchorage location. Free delivery for most areas.

Moose's Tooth - Photo by Justin Morgan
One Anchorage location along with sister company Bear Tooth Theater. You can enjoy their gourmet hand-tossed pizzas while you watch movies or in the restaurant. Dine in or pick up only. There is however, a lunch delivery 5 days a week for orders of $100 or more. Looks like Moose's Tooth has won national recognition too - Trip Advisor ranks Moose's Tooth 3rd in the nation for pizza! Congrats Moose's Tooth!

Muldoon Pizza – 333-7711 or 333-8111
Take out or delivery pizza in East Anchorage.

Napoli's Pizza - 222-1116
Carry out or delivery pizza place on Bragaw.

One location in Anchorage. Pizza, philly sandwiches, subs, calzones, wings, pasta, and more.

Pizza Man – 694-3777
One location in Eagle River. Take out, delivery, dine in.

One Anchorage location homestyle Greek and Italian food restaurant. Dine in, pick up, catering, and free delivery.

Pizza Plaza -274-1735 or 276-0466
Single location Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Dine in, carry out, catering, and delivery.

Portobello - 337-4447
Pizza delivery, take out, and catering.
Pizza food pyramid in Portland, OR - Photo by Cory Doctorow

A restaurant in Turnagain that also serves gourmet pizzas. Dine in only.

FourAnchorage locations and one in Eagle River. Dine in or buffet available in some locations. Delivery and carry out. Online ordering available.

One Anchorage location. Carry out or delivery. Online ordering available.

Soprano's Pizzas and Phillys - 333-0033
A pizza place on Spenard.

Sorrento'sFacebook Page - 278-3439
An Italian restaurant in Midtown Anchorage that also serves pizza. Dine in and take out.

Sparta Pizza - 561-6000
Take out or delivery pizza place on Dimond.

The Original Capone's Pizza - Facebook Page – 770-7877 or 770-7882
One Anchorage location. Carry out or delivery.

Today's Pizza – 248-6660
Dine in, deliver or take out restaurant in Spenard.

Downtown 279-3799 East 337-4652 South 349-3799 West 248-9404
Four Anchorage locations for stone baked with multiple crust options – dine in, pick up or delivery. Online ordering also available.

National Pizza Chains in Anchorage, AK

One Anchorage location. Pizza and games for children. Dine in only.

Costco Food Court Pizzas – DeBarr 269-9539 Dimond 267-7119
You can buy take and bake from Costco warehouse or get it cooked and to-go in the food court.

5th Avenue 258-3030 36th Avenue 561-8166 JBER 337-3377
Two Anchorage locations and one on JBER. Delivery or carry out. Online ordering available.

No. Lts. 563-2255 88th 562-2255
Two Anchorage locations. Carry out or delivery.

No. Lts. 884-7272 Old Seward 522-7272 Boniface 333-7272 Eagle River 622-7272
Three Anchorage locations and one in Eagle River. Take and bake. Carry out and delivery. Online orders available.

No. Lts. 274-7272 DeBarr 222-6260 Dimond 344-7272 Abbott 929-7272 Huffman 929-7373 Eagle River 694-7272
Take and bake pizzas for carry out.

Pizza Hut – All locations 337-2323 Tudor Location 743-9828
Seven Anchorage locations and one in Eagle River. Carry out, dine in, or delivery. Online ordering available.

One Anchorage location Create Your Own Pizza on Muldoon. Online ordering available.

Round Table Pizza – 522-1007
One location in Anchorage Dimond Mall. Take out, dine in, or delivery.

One location in the Northway Mall. Dine in only.

One location in the 5th Avenue Mall. Dine in and to-go only.

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