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Monday, November 9, 2015

Anchorage Pet Owners Guide

Anchorage Pet Owners Guide

New to Anchorage and need to find out what services and products are available for your pet(s)? Here is our guide on everything pet related I could find in Anchorage. There is everything from basic vaccination clinics to fun parks and fancy boutiques for your pet. I even found a few fun pet themed clubs and Facebook groups for you to check out. One thing Anchorage has a lot of, it's pets!

Anchorage Dog Parks

There are 6 off-leash dog parks in Anchorage. Here are links to the maps and information on park rules.

Want to buy a home within walking distance to one of Anchorage's dog parks? Here is my page for homes near dog parks in Anchorage: Anchorage Dog Park Homes

Anchorage Pet Supplies

Anchorage Pet Boutiques & Treats

Pet Photographers

Anchorage Veterinarians

For After Hours Emergencies:

Alaska VCA Veterinary Hospitals

There are over 80 VCA Animal Hospitals located in many cities in the US and Canada. They provide veterinary services, grooming, and boarding. For more information on what each branch offers, here are their links:

Anchorage Municipality Animal Care & Control

Animal Control finds lost or stray animals within the municipality. You can also adopt pets from it's shelter. There are more than dogs and cats at the shelter. You may be able to find such pets as reptiles, rodents, and birds there as well. Here are some links to their services

Alaska SPCA

This is the organization that helps pet owners with affordable spay /neuter and vaccination services. They also provide male rabbit neutering, pet microchipping, and pet licensing. The SPCA also adopts out pets and raises funds for animal care. Here are some links to some of their services.

Other Animal Shelters and Rescues

Pooper Scooper Services

Anchorage Pet Boarding & Day Cares

Here are links to services for boarding for more than one day, pet day care, and pet sitting, which is for the care of your pets in your own home. Services may vary from each provider.
Alaska Pet Nannies - Specializing in cats

Anchorage Pet Groomers

Monster Wash's Pet Wash Page - Self Serve pet wash

Anchorage Dog Walkers

For Aquatic Exercise:

Dog Training Services

Interesting Pet Ownership Pin Boards

Anchorage Pet Owners Facebook Pages & Groups

Other Pet Links for Anchorage Pet Owners

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