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Friday, July 17, 2015

Anchorage School District - Back to School Schedule Fall 2015

Anchorage Back to School Season is Here!

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Back to School Schedule for Fall 2015

The 2015-6 school year begins Wednesday, August 19th for 2-12th graders and a week later on the 26th for kindergarten and first graders. Here are a few helpful tips and resources we found to share with you. First, here's a link to this years calendar, which you will need to reference throughout the school year.

ASD District calendar page

Enrollment and Registration

Central Enrollment for New to the District Families

Open enrollment is:
- Thursday, July 23, 2015 from 3pm to 7pm at the ASD Education Center located at 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. You can reach the ASD by phone at (907) 742-4000

- Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 10am to 2pm at the ASD Education Center located at 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. You can reach the ASD by phone at (907) 742-4000

Online registration for returning students

Online school registration starts on July 22nd and ends August 7th. Returning students can be registered at this website: Users familiar with Zangle just need to log in with the same login as last year and renew their students' registration. Students must be attending the same school as last year or continuing on to the junior high in their same region.

In-Person Registration for returning students

Elementary Schools
ASD's elementary school directory page
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DateTimeLast Names
Tuesday, August 4th9am to 3pmA-L
Wednesday, August 5th9am to 3pmM-Z
Wednesday, August 5th5pm to 7pmA-Z
Thursday, August 6th9am to 3pmMake-Up

Junior High Schools
ASD's middle school directory page

Hours: 8 to 11am; 12 to 3 pm; and 4 to 7pm on Wednesdays only.

Tuesday, August 4th8th grade
Wednesday, August 5th7th grade
Thursday, August 6thMake-Up 7th and 8th
Thursday, August 6th
6th grade at Begich and Clark

High Schools
Photo: Benjamin Chun
ASD's High school directory page

Hours: Last Names A-L are 11am to 3pm M-Z are 8am to 11 am

Monday, August 3rd

Tuesday, August 4th

Wednesday, August 5th

Thursday, August 6th


***If you are enrolling to a charter school, please refer to their schedules.

Not sure which school to sign up at?

Use the Anchorage School District's School Finder tool.

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What's for lunch this school year?

Find interesting lunch ideas for your students on Pinterest (if you're not already hooked on Pinterest as it is!) Here's a pinboard someone started for bento box school lunch ideas

Follow JustOneCookbook®'s board Bento & School Lunch on Pinterest.

Need lunch containers for homemade lunches?

If you are like me and don't quite know where to begin on packing your lunches from homemade foods rather than expensive store bought foods, look through these online sources that sell lunch box containers. These are just a few I found on Google. I hope to try making better lunches this year - and not mention saving a lot of money by avoiding pre-made foods. Check out, they have old school metal lunch boxes for children and adults. (Remember the old school men's metal lunch box? They have those!) - You can even make your own custom metal lunch boxes!

Virus Season is Back!

Along with homework, our kids will be bring home viruses to share. I don't look forward to this part of the year, as last year was pretty bad in Anchorage. It seems like we caught every possible virus there is besides the bubonic plague.
    In hopes of being prepared for next years onslaught of illnesses, don't forget to stock up on items like these while back to school shopping:
  • A good working thermometer
  • Children's acetaminophen AND/OR ibuprofen (some symptoms respond better one or the other - ask a health care provider which one to take)
  • Allergy medicines if your child has allergies
  • Inhalers to keep at the school if your child has asthma
  • Cough syrups, decongestants, expectorants, etc.(Ask a health care provider which is right for your child)
  • Sore throat spray
  • Vaporub
  • Tissues
  • Frozen popsicles
  • A humidifier
  • Hot pads/Ice pads
  • Re-hydration mixes and drinks
  • Vitamins to help maintain natural immunity
  • Favorite DVDs and books for sick days
  • Favorite sick foods (i.e. chicken soup, crackers, broths, etc.)
I hope we all have an easy flu and cold season this year! Here's a link to a WebMD article on Back-to-School health.

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