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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Berry Picking Near Anchorage for Fall 2015

Berry Picking Near Anchorage for Fall 2015

Soon, if not now, the berries will be ready for picking this fall in Southcentral Alaska.

Here are the places featured on a past Cooperative Extension handout I picked up years ago. I hope these places are still good locations for picking berries. I have not verified the actual availability of berries, parking, or access. Many of these places may have improved for visitors and some may not even be accessible. Hatchers Pass is always good because you can drive through to the Willow side and surely find some berries on that stretch. The Girdwood Crow Creek Road is a small road and private land holders may not want their berries picked. If I had to choose, I would either visit Hatchers Pass or Chugach State Park to avoid issues with private property if that concerns you.

The Cooperative Extension has updated their All About Berries page. Check it out.

Here's the list of laces with links to Google Maps on how to get there.

Berry Picking In Anchorage

Kincaid Park

Google Map for Driving to Kincaid Park
Anchorage Municipality Kincaid Park Webpage

Chugach State Park via Prospect Heights Drive

Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources State Parks Chugach webpage
Google Map for Driving to Wolverine Trailhead

Flattop and Powerline Pass Trails

Alaska DNR Flattop Trail Guide
Google Map for Driving to the Trailhead

Berry Picking North of Anchorage

Rendezvous Peak Trail via Arctic Valley

Anchorage Trails Guide from
Google Map for Driving to the Rendezvous Peak Trailhead

Eklutna Lake

Google Map for Driving to Eklutna Lake

South Fork Eagle River Trail via Hiland Road

South Fork Trail page from
Google Map for Driving to the South Fork Eagle River Trailhead

Eagle River Valley Trail via the Eagle River Nature Center

The Eagle River Nature Center website
Google Map for Driving to the Eagle River Nature Center

Peters Creek Trail

Follow the Google Map for this, as the PDF written driving directions are wrong. When it says take Kellberg to Malcolm, it's actually left on Kullberg, then right on Sullins Drive, and then right on Malcom Drive.
Google Map for Driving to Peter's Creek Trail

Meadow Creek

I looked at this one on Google Maps and it didn't make sense - perhaps new developments replaced this trail access?

Lazy Mountain

Google Map for Driving to Lazy Mountain

Hatcher Pass Road

Google Map for Driving to the Palmer side of Hatcher Pass Road

Berry Picking South of Anchorage

Rabbit Creek

Alaska DNR Rabbit & McHugh Lakes Trail PDF
Google Map for Driving to Canyon Road

Old Johnson Trail

Alaska DNR Rainbow Trail page
Google Map for Driving to the Rainbow Trailhead

Indian Valley Trail

Alaska DNR Indian Valley Trail Guide
Google Map for Driving to Boretide Road

Crow Creek Road

Google Map for Driving to Crow Creek Road

Crow Pass Historic Trail

Crow Pass Trail Guide
Google Map for Driving to Crow Pass Trailhead

Turnagain Pass

Google Map for Driving to Turnagain Pass Rest Area

What You'll Find When You Get There

According to this handout, there are a bunch of different berries you can find to pick near Anchorage. If you can't get down South or up North to get salmonberries, you can still get blueberries, raspberries, highbush cranberries, watermelon berries, currants, black currants, crowberries, cranberries, and rose hips. There is word that you may be able to find a few salmonberries and cloudberries (Northern salmonberries), but I have only seen one lone cloudberry on my last excursion years ago. Maybe they have spread? If you find salmonberries of either the Southern or Northern type, drop me a message on where you found them.....yeah right! I've heard that berry pickers guard their turf and become a bit terrtorial in the pursuit of berries. So if you'd rather keep your secret salmonberry location undisclosed, I understand. Here's the Cooperative Extenson's handout on berry picking to print out for your own excursions! Good Luck!

Now What Are You Doing With Your Berries?

Here's a few links to berry cooking ideas!

Photo credits: Blueberries - Flickr CC License USDAGov, Crowberries - Flickr CC License -USFWSAlaska

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