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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bootleggers Cove in Anchorage, AK

Bootleggers Cove in Anchorage, AK

How did Bootleggers Cove get its name?

Bootleggers Cove is a small neighborhood within the larger South Addition Community Council area of Anchorage. It got it's name from the Prohibition days when bootleggers used the area to transfer and store their illegal goods. The name stuck even after Prohibition was repealed. In fact, geologists also call the clay shelf Anchorage sits on Bootlegers Cove Clay. When Anchorage had a devastating earthquake back in 1964, that clay liquified and 75 Anchorage homes were lost as they fell into the earth. Here is a link to what the geologists call Bootleggers Cove Clay:

How old are the homes in Bootleggers Cove?

Although most of the properties in Bootleggers Cove have been remodeled, renovated, updated or newly constructed, Bootleggers Cove and its larger community council area of South Addition still have many historical homes. In fact, Anchorage's original footprint grew out of the downtown area. South Addition was one of the first areas added to the original townsite. Here is a publication prepared by the Municipality of Anchorage about South Addition's historial homes: South Addition Historic Context Statement and Building Survey 2012

Where exactly is Bootleggers Cove?

There are no official boundaries for this informal neighborhood but a lot of people would say that Bootleggers Cove is the residential area South of Elderberry Park, West of the Delaney Park Strip, and North of Westchester Lagoon. It is bordered to the West by the Alaska Railroad tracks and Cook Inlet.

What's it like to live in Bootleggers Cove?

Homes in this area have great views of Cook Inlet and walking distance access to many downtown entertainment and shopping businesses. Living in this part of town offers a lot of local excitement because the famous Delaney Park Strip is right next door. Residents of Bootleggers Cove have easy access to the Elderberry Park, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Nulbay Park, the Delaney Park Strip, Resolution Park, and Westchester Lagoon/Margaret Eagan Sullivan park.

There are condos, rental apartments, duplexes, and single family homes in Bootleggers Cove. Many of the homes for sale or rent in Bootleggers Cove are more expensive than other neighborhoods around Anchorage due to its prime downtown location and views of the Inlet.

Take a Virtual Tour of Bootleggers Cove!

Use this fun Google Streetview tool to virtually drive through this great Anchorage Cook Inlet neighborhood!

How can I find a Bootleggers Cove home for sale?

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