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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter's Nip?

Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter's Nip?
Article From By: Oliver Marks
Photo: Flickr CC License: Alex1961
Getting your home's heating system professionally serviced every year will keep it running smoothly and help keep heating costs under control.
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is usually a good rule-except when it comes to your heating system. Even if it's humming along just fine, having a technician take it apart once a year to clean the lines and filters and give it a thorough inspection is absolutely essential. Regular servicing reduces the risk of breakdowns and prolongs the unit's life. Plus, it saves you money: For every year of maintenance you skip, energy bills jump 5% to 10% because of reduced efficiency. Here's the lowdown on heating system maintenance.

Who does the job?
The simplest way to get the work done is to hire your fuel company to do it. Oil companies and gas utilities usually provide this service, or you can hire the contractor who installed the equipment. Also, some plumbers handle heating systems.

What is involved?
The technician will clean soot and corrosion out of the combustion chamber where the fuel is burned, and check it for leaks or damage. He'll inspect the flue pipe for open seams, clogs, or corrosion that could cause carbon monoxide to backdraft into the house. He'll replace the filters on oil and forced-air systems. Finally, he'll test the exhaust from your cleaned machine and use the information to adjust the burner for maximum efficiency.

How much will it cost?
You'll pay between $100 and $180 for the service, depending largely on whether you have a gas system, which is easier to maintain, or oil, which requires a fair amount of soot removal. Usually the cost is covered by an annual maintenance contract that also provides 24-hour emergency service. While the technician is there, he should also service your water heater, assuming it has a separate oil or gas burner.

When is the best time to do the work?
Ideally, have your system tuned up in the fall so it's in top shape for the start of the heating season. Of course, that's when technicians are the busiest, so if you can't do it when you want, do it when you can-as long as your system is serviced once a year. And don't expect your provider to call to remind you that it's time. Even if you subscribe to an annual service plan, you still need to call to make an appointment. Call in the spring or summer to be sure of getting on the schedule in the fall.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homes for Sale in Abbott Loop

Homes for Sale in Abbott Loop

Anchorage, AK 99507

We have been working steadily to expand our already comprehensive coverage of the neighborhoods of Anchorage to include even the smallest and least known. Abbott Loop is the first community council area we have chosen due to its central location and variety of property types.

Abbott Loop has everything! From small convenient condos to large sprawling estates, you can find the right home to fit your budget in Abbott Loop. There are over 130 different subdivisions in Abbott Loop as well as several commercial developments.

Abbott Loop is bordered by Dowling Road to the North, O'Malley Road and Abbott Road to the South, Elmore Road to the East and the New Seward Highway to the West. There are many parks inside of Abbott Loop which include: Ruth Arcand Park, Winchester Park, Spruce Park, Meadow ParkAbbott Loop Community Park, and access to the Far North Bicentennial Park.

Explore Abbott Loop's 100+ Subdivisions

Abbott Loop is home to 17 subdivisions with home owners associations. They are marked in purple tones. They are also listed below with a big HOA after each name to make it easier to find. Simply click on the shaded box of your choice and follow that link to read more about that neighborhood. You can even take street tours using Google's Streetview technology to see what type of homes are in each neighborhood!

Already know the name of the neighborhood?

Here is a loooong list of subdivisions in Abbott Loop.

Alisa Estates
Alpine Village

Bell Estates

Birch Run
Buddy Estates

Campbell Heights


Christopher Park


Columbia S. A.

Crescent Hills

Daybreak Estates

Eff Eff

Forest Grove




Gray Hawk


Holly Hill
Hollybrook Circle

Indian Gardens

Jennifer Park
John Delaney
Kelly Acres
Kendall Loop

Kobuk Terrace
Lake Otis Heights

Little Bend

Little Brook North
Little Campbell Creek Estates

May Heights
McArthur Park
Meadow View

Nadine Park

Olympic Terrace



Rinner Ranch
Rolling View

San Marcos

Side By Side

Spruce Haven

Swiss Aire
The Ponds




Young Meadows

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer is Over!

Finding homes for sale with fireplaces and garages

Time to start nesting for the long winter. If you are still house hunting, here are homes with fireplaces and garages. Fireplaces to cozy up to, especially while entertaining family and friends. Garages to keep your vehicle snow and ice free, especially during the mid-winter thaw!

Scroll down to see what's currently for sale!

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