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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10 Things to Get Your House for Christmas

10 Things to Buy Your House for Christmas

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons Sean Loyless

Everyone has a wishlist for Christmas and some people even write ones for their pets. Here's a Christmas wish list for your home. Many of these items are for the home your already in and some are ideas on what should be found in your new home. Ready to look for a new home? Sign up for free to browse listings in the Alaska MLS from my website and find out more about Anchorage neighborhoods (including Eagle River and Chugiak).

1. A Cozy Fireplace or Woodstove
Photo: Flickr CC License BMiz

Nothing says welcome home like a warm hearth during the long cold winter. Family and friends gatherings feel extra festive when there's a cozy fire going in the fireplace. If your home doesn't already have one, there are many styles of free standing wood stoves available. Here are homes for sale in Anchorage and Eagle River with fireplaces

2. A Garage-Mahal

Even if you do not do mechanical things, having a large indoor parking area for your vehicles is a must-have for a Northern home. You can save hours of your life by not having to scrape frost and snow off of your vehicle every morning during the winter. Here are homes with garages for sale in Anchorage, AK

3. A Re-Model

A house would love to get a remodel, it's like a makeover but better - you get equity! If a home could ask for anything for Christmas it would be for new appliances and bathroom features. Heated driveway, new paving, new landscaping, fresh paint, fresh new counter tops....and more. Whether it's a full all inclusive remodel/addition or just a simple one room update, you're house will appreciate it. Here are homes for sale in Anchorage that have been recently remodeled.

4. A Generator
Photo: Flickr CC License

Your house would love a new generator for Christmas if you don't already have one. During large area power interruptions, you can expect delays in getting your service restored. Don't let your house freeze or frozen goods thaw by not having a back up power source. 

5. An Energy Audit

If your house is older, you may want to go over your home's energy usage and find ways to improve its energy efficiency. You may end up saving a lot of money by improving your home's energy efficiency. Find out more about getting a home energy audits and energy efficiency here:

6. More Entertainment

A new home theater, an added game room, and outdoor play equipment are kinds of entertainment features you can add to your home. Adding more entertainment options literally adds more happiness and joy to your home, making it a better place. What home wouldn't want it's own theater for Christmas? Here are homes for sale in Anchorage that have family rooms.

7. A Home Office, Den or Library

For some people, a home wouldn't be a home without a personal library or office. Many avid readers and busy professionals want to be able to dedicate a part of their home to their needs. You want to truly make your home happy this holiday, give it a library or fun personal office space! You may not need to build an addition, you may use an extra bedroom or family room and convert it to a library or office. There are many ideas for creating your own home office online. The possibilities are endless! Here are homes for sale in Anchorage that have a home office or library already.

8. A Pantry or Wine Cellar or Both

If your home is a home that entertains guests, you may want to get your home some extra food and wine storage areas to keep it uncluttered and happy. A good home for entertaining will usually have one or both of these features. If you do not have them already, consider converting a closet or part of your garage into a storage area for extra food and wines.

9. Little Houses in Your Yard
Photo: Flickr CC License Drew's Photo Shoots

What little houses? A smokehouse, greenhouse, sauna, gazebo, birdhouses, bat houses, tree house, playhouse, and dog house. If you have pets and kids, some of these little houses are a must-have for your home's exterior. For foodies, why not smoke your own foods? Bird and bat houses provide shelter for these wonderful bug eating wild creatures. Your home would love to have a bunch of little extra mini houses to collect!

10. Air Conditioning

Your house would love to get air conditioning for Christmas or ANY holiday. How about Christmas in July? It's starting to get hot enough in the summers to warrant air conditioning, especially for homes with a lot of Southern exposure. If you cannot afford air conditioning, get your house a full set of window screens so the mosquitoes don't drive you mad during the hotter times of the year when you need to leave your windows open. 

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