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Saturday, December 26, 2015

101 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Live With

101 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Live With

Forget turning yourself into a swimsuit model or saving the world! Here are small, easy, positive and fun resolutions you can resolve to do over the next year to make your life better. Sometimes small changes make the biggest difference!

  1. Try a new food at least once a month.
  2. Learn a new word once a week – even if you quickly forget it.
  3. Switch to refillable water bottles.
  4. Ban hydrogenated oils, aspartame, brominated vegetable oil, or some other artificial ingredient from your diet.
  5. Pledge to switch to a Fair Trade brand for a product you use regularly.
  6. Buy a locally made gift for someone this year.
  7. Buy food from a local farmers' market.
  8. Try your own Iron Chef cook-off with family and friends – have a potluck with the results.
  9. Try a “gross” food this year.
  10. Become a backyard birder.
  11. Take the stairs more often.
  12. Park away from the building more often.
  13. Wrap a new food in bacon.
  14. Try something new dipped in chocolate or caramel.
  15. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers next summer.
  16. Try a new herb in your cooking.
  17. Try a new dessert with a berry or exotic fruit you have never eaten before.
  18. Make a book or poster out of your favorite social media posts from the last year.
  19. Learn to appreciate black coffee or un-sweetened tea.
  20. Try a new kind of tea or coffee bean.
  21. Cook the most colorful dish you have ever cooked and take pictures.
  22. Eat fish or seafood once a week.
  23. While you're at it, try a new kind of fish or seafood.
  24. Substitute wheat for white whenever you can.
  25. Do daily stretches, even if you do not exercise.
  26. Wear a color you normally wouldn't wear for a day.
  27. Try a new sport by the end of the year.
  28. Learn a new card or board game.
  29. Learn about a new art form.
  30. Hand write a letter to someone.
  31. Do a random act of kindness.
  32. Learn about your family tree.
  33. Volunteer to pick up trash during the next spring clean up.
  34. Pick an herb or plant a month to learn about.
  35. Learn a word in another language every month.
  36. Try a new genre of music.
  37. Make something by hand that you would normally buy already made.
  38. Plant a garden, no matter how small.
  39. Make a miniature of something.
  40. Start a change jar for a local charity. It adds up!
  41. Read a book, an actual paper book.
  42. If you haven't already, start using Lombardi Time.
  43. Ride the public bus for a day out.
  44. Learn to meditate.
  45. Learn a few Tai Chi or Qigong exercises.
  46. Read some poetry.
  47. Read a biography.
  48. Learn something about your town's history.
  49. Find out about local hiking trails and go on a hike.
  50. Go beach combing somewhere this year.
  51. Create something out of things found out in nature.
  52. Make something out of recycled items.
  53. Make your own piece of furniture.
  54. Over decorate for a holiday. Yes, be THAT house for once!
  55. Try a new hair color.
  56. Wear something handmade.
  57. Make a fairy ring in your yard.
  58. Make a gnome/fairy house for your yard.
  59. Make your own bird feeder.
  60. Learn something about how music is composed.
  61. Figure out what your F keys do on your computer.
  62. Take a virtual tour of a popular destination on Google Streetview.
  63. Travel around your own state or county in Google Earth.
  64. Learn about a constellation. Start with your own sign!
  65. Plan to view a meteor shower when one is announced.
  66. If you are from the North, plan to view the Northern Lights when they are forecast to appear.
  67. Learn a new economics term.
  68. Pick a stock to watch even if you are not an investor.
  69. Start reading “This Day in History” type of materials every day.
  70. Learn about a new world culture you haven't heard of before.
  71. Do your own blind taste test of a product you regularly buy. (Brand vs. generic vs. other brand)
  72. Become a connoisseur or expert of something you like. Learn about how it is made and the differences between brands and styles.
  73. Find out what was happening in the world when you were born, especially things that were happening right in the same town or state you were born in.
  74. Plan a music time machine day – Play only music from a certain era all day.
  75. Unplug for a day – no tv, internet or cell phone. (Emergencies only)
  76. Plan a Buy Nothing day or week – bonus points if you can buy nothing for a month (aside from required payments)
  77. Plan a cleansing diet for after the holidays or a vacation.
  78. Find out about using substitutes in cooking a recipe – you never know when you will need them.
  79. Make art out of random scribbles once a week and then make a book of them at the end of the year – that's only 52 pages – you can do it!
  80. Free your mind. Use reminders and lists so you can free up your brain's memory for other tasks.
  81. Set your clocks 5 to 10 minutes ahead. Fool yourself into being on time or even early!
  82. Practice making a new type of cookie.
  83. Go feed some birds.
  84. Buy extra dried foods and learn to store drinking water. Being prepared for emergencies is a good habit to start.
  85. Learn how to make a sock monkey or other sock animal. Give it to someone.
  86. De-clutter a closet or storage area – Give stuff away.
  87. Learn a word or phrase in sign language.
  88. Pick a stone, fossil, or mineral every month to learn about – or even collect!
  89. Make your own tiki mask or sculpture and then have a kitschy tiki party.
  90. Tray a random act of fun this year. (Join a flash mob, play a big prank on someone, etc.)
  91. Plant a tree somewhere this year.
  92. Research a weed you seee every day. You may be surprised about its botanical uses.
  93. Wear a costume NOT during Halloween sometime this year.
  94. Attend or volunteer at a local annual fundraiser. Make it a tradition.
  95. Why so serious? Sit down and watch a cartoon on purpose.
  96. Write a haiku for every season.
  97. Clean out your home's junk drawer. Who knows, you may even find some lost treasure!
  98. Give away old things at least twice this year.
  99. Hunt for four leaf clovers.
  100. Re-arrange the furniture.
  101. Enjoy corny jokes and puns more often.

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