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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Crazy Christmas Decorations

Crazy Christmas Decorating

Here are a few photos and videos of how some people have too much time on their hands and have decided to go all out on the Christmas decorating.

Griswold Lights

You cannot have an over the top Christmas decorating blog post without at least mentioning Clark Griswold's classic Christmas lights fiasco. 

Griswold 2.0 Lights

What's a light show without synchronized music? BORING! The original Griswold light display even gets a nod in this great dubstep Christmas light show.

For when the whole neighborhood wants to show off:

Christmas at Sanford and Son

For those houses that got everything.....EVERYTHING! All out in the yard filling every nook and cranny possible. Snowman army, holiday train station, herd of reindeer, inflatable name it it's in there!
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Where'd You Get All That Stuff?

If just your interior holiday decoration stash needs its own storage locker in the off season, you may have too much time and money on your hands.

Gingerbread McMansions

Most of us struggle to put together a basic ginger starter home. Here's a few ginger monstrosities that nobody has time to make. Show offs!

You decorated what?!

Holiday of Giants

Go big or go home Santa! Whether it's giant Santas, snow globes or snowmen, people have a tendency to make everything giant for their displays. Here in Anchorage, a local homeowner decided to erect Snowzilla every year.

MARC LESTER / Anchorage Daily News
Giant Onament with Tanya Memme

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