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Friday, July 29, 2016

Fun for Friday - Real Estate Haiku

Real Estate Haiku

What is haiku?

Haiku is a poetry format that has its origins in Japan. Haikus are three line poems with a 5, 7, and 5 syllable pattern.

Why haikus?

Haikus were a local favorite in The Anchorage Press. They had an annual haiku contest open to the public. I used to enjoy reading them. Here are the 2013 contest entries. I decided to have a little fun with haikus and write some about real estate and some of the situations real estate salespeople run into.

new home dream

new dream realized
pre-approved for the next step
finding the way home

home at last

Is this the right one?
I see myself living here -
I'm home, home at last!

waterfront listing

what do you call this puddle
of algae and bugs?

pick me

multiple offers
raising my offer higher
oh, pick me! pick me!

for sale mystery

mystery for sale
buyer to verify all
house will sell itself

lucky duck

A seller's market
offer, offer...GOOSE! Yay! I'm
tired of writing!


egress? what do birds
have to do with real estate?
is this a wetland?

no photos

on market for weeks
no photos - so ugly it
broke the camera?

monet's house for sale

looks like a painting
impressionist house for sale
blurry photographs

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